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2009-10-09: this week’s twat(s) for you

  • Top 3 weekly #lastfm artists: Alice in Chains – 59. Pearl Jam – 31. U2 – 11. http://bit.ly/12zJDt #
  • Santa Fe Spicy Chicken at Mr. Sub = not particularly delicious #
  • So, the thing about sitting around at the hospital is that it’s actually really boring. #
  • Just saw a Jack Daniels ad. Want #
  • Witnessing an H1N1 isolation emergency response at CHEO at the moment. Staff is almost casual in full protective wear #
  • Portable x-ray machine painted as giraffe rolls in. Clever disguise in a kid’s hospital #
  • Overhearing talk of calls to the Centre for Disease Control. Crazy #
  • Family of four in there, three adults, one boy. Staff is adjusting oxygen levels in the whole room. Is 60% a high number. #
  • Hallways are abuzz, but everyone is rather composed. I guess swine flu response is somewhat old hat inside institutions at this point #

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