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2009-11-27: this week’s twat(s) for you

  • Going to eat lunch at the Zellers restaurant. #hanginwithelderlyrelatives #
  • Top 3 weekly #lastfm artists: R.E.M. – 80. Radiohead – 24. Alice in Chains – 24. http://bit.ly/12zJDt #
  • My ability to recollect old URLs and bits of online-y information surprises me sometimes. These were cool in, what, 2005? http://bit.ly/URuu #
  • If you can’t do what’s right, might as well do what’s left… #
  • is taking steps to ensure his obsolescence, but seems to be becoming more vital instead. Doh! #
  • Three days left at the office job. Login server downtime was not really what I needed to wrap things up around here #
  • Two days of work left. Next: a week or so at CHEO, then it’s glorious, choose-your-own contracting. Life’s FFWD feature would be welcome now #
  • Wishing Ian Blurton was taking his “Happy Endings” tour through Ottawa… can’t get my hands on the disc OR get to a show. Dommage! #
  • Standing in Walmart, observing a Muslim family considering Christmas decorations. I feel like I might be on Candid Camera #

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