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2009-12-04: this week’s twat(s) for you

  • #CHEO, fifth floor, post-surgery this time around. Less contagion, more fluid, basically. #
  • And more babies. NICI is one thing, but little ones having to undergo surgery seems like a particularly cruel joke #
  • “Suction” is gross. #
  • Top 3 weekly #lastfm artists: R.E.M. – 58. C’mon – 44. The Tragically Hip – 20. http://bit.ly/12zJDt #
  • Kind of hate the parents of the other boy in our room. Don’t ditch yr kid overnight then get bitchy when he can’t answer 100 q’s in the AM #
  • Nap time = nice time #
  • Anyone else witnessing the thousands of crows on a flight path over Ottawa at the moment? #
  • Yes, it is shift change, btw. That’s how come I’m aware of the outside world and stuff #
  • Chance encounter reminds me of my people http://tweetphoto.com/5611627 #
  • Windows Mobile everything is totally without grace. Help me, interface! #
  • Cleaning up my LinkedIn profile. Do I know you? #in #
  • Can’t believe Max Keeping was allowed to stay on the CTV 6 o’clock news this long. His bumbling delivery has been painful to watch for years #

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