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2009-12-11: this week’s twat(s) for you

  • A cold day in the sun. #
  • Searched for “brant food centre” and came up with “supreme chili fries”. And that’s Brantford, in a nutshell. #
  • Very, very rusty at the old web-makin’. CSS and I are going to be best friends again soon enough, tho #
  • Back from CHEO and Roger’s House with many new meds to administer. Wonder if they can all fit in one tweet. Shall we find out? #
  • Keflex. Domperidone (w/ Lactaid, yes). Keppra, Sabril. Baclofen. Prevacid before meals. Rivotril at bedtime. Nailed it! #
  • Wheelchair + winter = bad #
  • Foolishly agreed to meet with dietitian this afternoon at school. Lying around on the couch would have been a better plan. #
  • Obsessive-compulsive behavior as indicator of mental illness http://tweetphoto.com/6177627 #
  • Just got phone spammed by striking Museum workers. Ways not to gain support for your cause, example one #
  • PUMPT for Ian Blurton + Huron = “Happy Endings” at Babylon Nightclub… tonight! #
  • Good luck! RT @Letstalkbabies: Trying to convince my friend @a1great to travel to our home town over the holidays so we can hang. #
  • When did it become OK for men to use lip balm in public? #

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