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2009-12-18: this week’s twat(s) for you

  • Kind of wanted to see it, but thought that would be my reaction too RT @offhandremarks: Yep, that was the torch all right. #
  • Don’t know what I’d do without Google Documents, I tell you what. #
  • Twatting old news… “The Sorry State of WYSIWYG Web Editors” http://bit.ly/6VI7bO #
  • Was surprised to hear my sysadmin replacement suggest WYSIWYG to the web guy last week. Thought all smart people rejected WYSuck out of hand #
  • TELUS thanks me for being a client with a flyer for a contest to win a nice new phone. Is the link to the contest broken? Of course it is. #
  • Should probably start my Christmas shopping soon, eh? #
  • I cannot grasp why anyone would ‘share’ an e-mail address with anyone else. #
  • As if setting position: fixed on that DIV is going to take care of this problem I’ve been stuck with for days. AS IF #
  • Visually impaired man, on the bus, windshield wipers in his shopping bag. Where else but #octranspo #
  • Re-introducing myself to an old client’s terrible website. Had forgotten how bad Dreamweaver was… is? Let’s align every <P> tag, everyone! #

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