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2009-12-25: this week’s twat(s) for you

  • Excellent workout this afternoon. What to do tonight? #
  • Observing my American twatters react to the snowstorm that’s apparently going on down there. Who wants to borrow my well-worn shovel? #
  • The unlimited canvas that the internet provides for ‘art’ isn’t always to the artist’s best advantage. Take a look around! #
  • Hydro Ottawa PeakSaver website (for controlling your home thermostat remotely) has been down for more than a week. Why? http://bit.ly/6YDxff #
  • Just discovered that my Blurtonia discs were not part of my MP3 collection, apparantly forever. Now listening to… Blurtonia! #
  • Rogers internet has been down since mid-morning where I am. Anyone else with the same problem? #
  • December 24 is not the day to learn how to use the self-checkout line, woman. #
  • Pretty quiet out there in my own personal twatterverse. Hope anyone picking up signal today is having a merry one #

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