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adventures in ottawa south

I was invited to a team meeting slash barbeque thing for the project yesterday, and had a chance to meet most everybody that’s involved in saving coal so that they can dump it in a parking lot or something (the intended message needs work, yeah). It was being held at a beautiful house that didn’t exist, according to the cab company.

And it was a nice thing. Outside of work, I don’t get much Adult Time that’s not family-related, so it’s good every once in a while to remind myself that I can speak to others, get a laugh or two when I wish, and you know, just chill out for a bit, no pre-determined responsibilities or expectations involved.

Although I do believe I’m their lord and saviour when it comes to this here internet thing we’re on. Oohs and aahs were plentiful, as we discussed the development and marketing of the site itself, as it now appears that I’m gonna do, you know, everything. Which is fine! I’ve been so wanting to do some sort of volunteer-type work for a non-profit or something, a gig that’s not all ad dollars and clickthroughs. A destination site, not a doorway.

And it’s not all charity, anyway. No one knows this yet, but the wife and I are thinking maybe some time at the Cabin next summer would be an alright thing. There’s always an ulterior motive with sleazy marketing people, isn’t there?

So: full-time parent, mildly attentive husband, Saturday sales guy, webmaster for two clients, data entry monkey for another, and sometime chef. Hero to some, an inspiration to many. Nice to meet you.

One response to “adventures in ottawa south”

  1. Stuart says:

    It’s a deal.
    Walden for three. A bottle of bubbly in the mini-fridge, and a box o’ Mr. Bubble for the little guy. The bath house rocks.

    Stuart the bulb guy