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back to reality

picture of Walden Cabin drivewayAirport ‘security’ nonsense aside, it was a great trip out east. (Or is it down east?)

We can get into all the details of the vacation another time, but for now, suffice to say that we had a very relaxing week. Calm for the most part, with the occasional wrong turn on the back roads of PEI to keep things interesting, and lots of reckless nudity. Makes me want my own secluded hideaway somewhere, the island being as good a place as anywhere.

I was a bit sad to take the long drive over the bridge, but was happy to arrive back home. Selected photos are available for your perusal.

Many thanks to Julie & Jody for stopping in to say a few words on my behalf here at A1, and of course to Stuart & Suzy for sharing their secret hideaway with us.

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