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being here

I’ve been working with the latest version of WordPress on the new One Change ‘corporate’ website, and in the process have been reminded of how awesome WP is – and that, you know, I have a blog of my own! I can’t believe I haven’t written since August, especially with the best website design on the planet and all. I am the worst.

It was one of those sorts of half-years, I guess. Summer was lousy and the fall was busy, so here we are, 2009, just like that. What’s new with you?

I’m the lucky benefactor of a quiet weekend at home, after the perfunctory visit to Buttford over Christmastime. On Buttford: why does every third vehicle on the road have to be a pickup truck with an empty bed in the back? Did these people not get the memo (of course, they did not)? And: with all the cancerous growth in the city’s west and north ends, those shiny Big Box parking lot placeholders sure to empty out once the recession really grabs hold, why can Brantford welcome gigantic new restaurants and clothing stores and hardware warehouses (Lowes, of all the insane things) and electronics wastelands but not a bookstore? Reading iz hardd, rite?

Oh, also: can the former Bi-Way/Canadian Tire plaza still be abandoned, a decade after the fact? Hundreds of thousands of square feet in the middle of town forsaken because out near Sobey’s seemed like a better idea?

I hate that city.

Anyway, one good thing from the trip, aside from seeing Jody and wanting to offer him a job and get him the hell out of town but I can’t because 1) I’m not in a position to offer anyone employment, so whatever and 2) I doubt he’d stick around, because he’s the fucking adventuring type – was that I heard a new (or, you know, new to me!) single from the Stills, who I was only aware of before, but fuck if I haven’t fallen head over heels for this:

Before that, it was some banjo pickin’ from 54.40:

Of course, if we’re talking banjo, I can’t not offer some kids’ music from BNL, which will only take you a minute, I promise:

Even more than all this silliness, though, is the latest from Radiohead.

Some things cost more than you realize. No shit!

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