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call it serendipity

Sometimes us Porchlight higher-ups get tired of meeting so many famous people. Heads of huge incorporations, powerful politicians, rock stars with groupies and pharmaceuticals to spare. Who has the time?

Yesterday, we found a way to squeeze the Barenaked Ladies into our schedule.

Ed RobertsonJim CreeganSteve PageKevin HearnTyler Stewart

This one just kind of fell into place, with no egging-on by myself required. Kudos to Suzy for making the meetup happen while she’s way up in the Yukon, riding dogs to work or whatever it is they do up there.

Barenaked Ladies on stage

Most of my peers have seen BNL live before, so I was finally catching up with everybody in that respect. It was an excellent gig, with lots of tunes off of their latest record (or records, depending on how you view the Are Me/Are Men package). And the band were in fine improvisational form, riffing on politics and the Rideau Canal with ease. You know, just in case anyone forgot we were in Ottawa.

Barenaked Ladies on stage

Christina Aguilera is in town soon. Stuart and I think we can probably miss that one.

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