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construction debris

I have a bad history when it comes to killing companies that I once worked for. Sounds bad, doesn’t it? But I take heart in knowing almost all of them collapsed after I left, rather than a week after I started or something.

To wit:

  • COMMIT to a Healthier Brant, a smoking cessation initiative in downtown Brantford that hired me as a summer student the year after high school, at a generous $12 an hour rate, no less. Funding ran out a year after my contract there was over. (And the executive director died a year or so after that. Yikes.)
  • Sunrise Records closed their downtown Brantford store months after my temporary Christmastime employment as CD-slinger. Downtown Brantford really fucking sucks, if you haven’t figured that out already.
  • Jumped ship from CD Plus on Bath Road in Kingston, my first full-time retail job, after a surprise inventory was called and management went all “don’t worry about it, you can trust us”. Closed its doors after a change in ownership about a year later.
  • Internet Kingston, proud family-owned local business, became WTC Communications as I fled the spectre of a buyout by a larger telecom. Nearly ten years later, one person remains of our team of eight or so.
  • In the midst of my plans to move to Ottawa, excellent marketing firm Insite Communications is purchased by a local kook popularly nicknamed ‘Disease’, locking out staff and leaving everyone standing around in the parking lot wondering what the hell. I am blissfully unaware, off on a day trip to mark my 24th birthday. Yes, I lost my job on my birthday. I moved to Ottawa and watched from afar as former staff fled their pity contracts offered by the Disease.

This opportunity to reminisce brought to you by my last place of full-time employment, downtown Ottawa TELUS Mobility dealer MobileAXS, which finally tapped out this week to years of mismanagement, lack of vision, diminishing dealer benefits from TELUS and two consective summers of construction on Bank Street. This was always my fall-back, in-case-of-emergency option for gainful employment if I really needed it, so I am disappointed that the store is gone. (I actually really enjoyed most aspects of the job when I managed that place, from about 2002 to 2005 or so.)

Farewell, dirty-carpet-no-air-conditioning-or-heating-never-anything-in-stock-unreliable-hours-kind-of-smelly 135 Bank. Who will be my dealer of choice now, slinging no-fees-added wireless services and at-cost accessories my way?

2 responses to “construction debris”

  1. The Prez says:

    But look how Porchlight has grown!!

  2. mme siouxie says:

    this is all old news. I’ve now even heard it in person…