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Programs I have uninstalled or otherwise deleted from my life in the past day:

  • App Inventor for Android. Even in a WYSIWYG environment, I am just not cut out to program, design software, or any of that nerd shit.
  • Creepy is a program that crawls the geolocation information on your tweets and Flickr photos, then spits out a file with all of that data with which you can make a map. Like this one. It’s meant to provide a cautionary tale to users of social media about the information they’re giving away, but I usually deliberately include that data when I tweet, so this was in no way scary or compelling. (The rogue tweet from the Gulf of Guinea shows that you can’t really rely on this kind of data anyway. Did I forge it? Did the program I was using just fuck up in its guess of where I was located? Did I actually visit the western coast of Africa one day? Secrets.)
  • Samsung Kies, ostensibly required to perform updates and add files to your Galaxy Tab. Nerd shit aside, I was able to get the operating system upgraded to Android 2.3.3 without using Kies, so…
  • There was a time when I could spend hours playing video games without this maturity delay being a drain on our household finances or parental sanity. That time is long gone. Farewell, Civilization V and your annoying friend Steam.
  • And finally, Winamp, which will supposedly sync wirelessly with Android devices running their mobile application. I have Winamp installed on my Nexus S and Galaxy Tab, and love it – but the desktop software is a puzzle. I couldn’t get the wireless sync to happen, it wouldn’t scrobble to Last.fm reliably, and didn’t have UPNP support built in, and was slower and less intuitive than Foobar.

Anything running on your computer that you can live without? Go ahead and uninstall that shit, then tell me all about it.

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