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do what you want

Another election day. Goodness me.

No visits at the door of the Awesome household this time around, so I have no personal account to draw upon to help me make my choice. As usual, I’m headed to the local polling station as a reluctant Liberal voter, wishing that I lived in a riding where a vote for someone other than the Grit candidate could be a vote that went to a winner. Here in Ottawa South, a vote for anyone but Dalton is really just a vote for the PC guy, whose party leader has failed to distance himself from the mistakes of our Mike Harris past. And given the day-to-day of what goes on in my household, where our reliance on health care and education services are pretty much the only things that matter, the prospect of a government that gives Tim Hudak a say in anything at all is pretty scary, actually.

Fortunately, I do have other ballot boxes that are worth stuffing. And you won’t even have to take a stroll to your nearest community centre, elementary school or seniors home to do it.

The Aviva Community Fund wants to give away some cash to initiatives that can prove themselves popular enough to gather a bunch of votes over the next couple of weeks, and there are a couple of causes, backed by important people who are near and dear to me, which I’d like to bring to your attention.

  • Foundations for Functional Communication is a proposal from Mindy and Geoff on behalf of their son Connor, who has benefited greatly from the use of an adapted iPad to help him express the ideas and feelings and opinions that he can’t put into words. I’ve never met Geoff, but I have more than a passing acquaintance with Mindy and can vouch for her as a quality person, articulate and empathetic, and young mister Connor is a pretty wonderful little dude. Should these folks receive the funding to put their proposal into action, only great things will result.
  • The Ottawa Rotary Home proposes an inclusive playground in Ottawa near their property on Bank Street near Leitrim Road. There are a couple of these things around town already, but they lack the sort of interested involvement and regular planning that would convert these spaces from playgrounds with weird swingsets into truly inclusive community gathering places, where kids of every age and ability could come together and, you know, be kids. The Rotary Home are already experts in this realm, staffed by caring and involved people who work with young people with disabilities every day, and I know that their inclusive playground project would be a highly beneficial and successful one.

If you’ve got a few votes to spare after supporting these funding proposals, you might also take a look at A Driving Force and Rack ’em up, which will benefit bike-riding, granola-eating, tree-hugging hippies like the folks at Trips For Kids and my teen-aged nephew. Get a job, all of you!

If I vote every day, and you do too, these will win, and we’ll be the first to congratulate each other on our selfless community engagement. OK?

2 responses to “do what you want”

  1. Karen says:

    Thanks for suggesting the TFKO funding request. It seems the other people who wanted me to set it up haven’t been exactly selling the darn thing!

  2. Dan says:

    Management disconnected from the efforts of its people? WHY I NEVER