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hello green water

Given the beautiful evening, I had to hit the streets for a ride, and all was going pretty well until I left those streets.

I’m still sort of new to my neighborhood, having not ventured too far since moving in in January, so when I got to riding down Johnston Road, it was new territory. It turns out that Johnston makes a couple of turns and becomes Suburban Ottawa To The X-Treme, so I kind of went behind the suburb, down a gravel path, and thought that’d be just fine.

With the new bike working well, and feeling generally unstoppable in the evening air, I figured a puddle-slash-marsh wouldn’t be any big deal. It wasn’t even three feet across! Having even dipped the front tire in to test for depth, I deemed the trip manageable and forged through, expecting to congratulate myself on being so adventurous To The X-Treme on the other side.

Yeah, you know what happened next.

I tipped over with great haste into the goo, noticing for the first time how still and warm and fetid and green it was in the marsh, there. Scraped my legs up considerably, and I suppose my own DNA is mixing with whatever filth that water might contain as I write this. Should check back tomorrow for crazy shit that may or may not be happening in that gross ecosystem.

I’m pleased to report that I’m not especially hurt, but having absorbed some groundwater DNA into the new wounds myself, I thought it best to come home and wash up. A shame to end this fantastic opportunity to explore the land of the 43 so early, but, you know, if I can avoid having my limbs rot and fall off this week, that’d probably be best.

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