A1 Great! Part lies, part heart, part truth, part garbage.

here i am, here we are

Five years and a day ago, the mighty A1 Great dot com was launched, with dignity and aplomb, the same traits you have come to know and love around these parts. Happy birthday!

Having just left my best-paying job, to that point, managing a dealership for TELUS Mobility in a most excellent fashion (more lucrative than you might expect due to commissions and raises every six months, and if TELUS wasn’t fucking their dealers – and clients – left and right these days, ownership of such a franchise might still be a career path to consider), I was embarking on my first real attempt at ‘working from home’, though the stay-at-home-dad role was pretty intense at that time. We were still about a year away from any real sleep, though we had recently found out that the kid was suffering from reflux, so hey, we’ll just prescribe some prevacid and that’ll be that! We were so ready to believe…

There’s a book waiting to be written around this topic, no doubt. How To Make Your Special Needs Child Just Fucking Sleep For More Than An Hour So You Can Feel Like Not Driving Off A Bridge Into A River Every Day. I have come to know a couple of people who would be looking for signed copies, bless them. Perhaps only a pamphlet, though, because here’s the full text: drugs, surgery. Better drugs than prevacid, that is. Better surgery than eardrum removal, even if you can’t wash for a month.

What were we talking about? Five years ago, right – then I met Stuart while testing out electric bikes in Vanier, and I offered to do some stuff for his little NGO startup, and made a button – two, actually. See?

One Change - simple actions matter One Change - simple actions matter

Not much more happened after that.

Here’s a few of my favorite posts:

  • Hello green water. I have seen no evidence of four and a half year old mutant me-s around this area, though they just knocked a bunch of trees down around there, so there may yet be time to make some freakish discoveries.
  • Listen to your BOB FM. I found Jon on Facebook! Still no Randy.
  • Adventures in Ottawa South. Stuart claims not to remember this meeting. I don’t remember the names of the people who owned the house. I do remember the overdone hamburger off the grill, but it was my fault, I was late. Oh well.
  • No cancer, no glory. I am still pissed off that I came second in that contest.
  • Always ready to help. I remain unable to understand why some of my most longstanding and trusted friends, who I hold in high esteem and whose intelligence and good taste cannot be called into question, continue to choose to live in the United States.
  • Just like that. Marking my father-in-law’s sudden passing, and holding forth on my own family experience at the time. We’re better, I think, though some are still very insecure about the family dynamic. What can you do? Only so much time to go around, both on the calendar and cosmically speaking.
  • The luxury. Resolutions for 2007! Learn to drive: well, maybe one day, but it’s not looking good. Tattoo: birthday gift, 2009, so that was only two and a half years late. Ice skates: 2010, three years later. Sounds about right.
  • Press one for inglesh. This was really just a dig at someone annoying who I used to work with. Feels good!
  • Hold up. More vitriol. I really hate the whole “Earth Hour” idea.

Of course, one must consider one’s audience. Turns out that my favorites are not your favorites: since 2008, the most popular posts here are about setting your own player images in Pokerstars, being thankful at Christmastime, that sublime combination of a good buzz and good music, something I posted only two weeks ago, and the time I met the Barenaked Ladies and got them to hold lightbulbs. Whatever, people!

Thanks for reading, eh?

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