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hold up

So, Earth Hour. Empty gestures in the name of ‘awareness’ seem like such an old-fashioned concept to me. Why not spend an hour taking steps to make permanent changes that create lasting environmental benefits where you live, or at work, or wherever? You might need the lights on to do that. It’s OK.

Listen: R.E.M., “Man-Sized Wreath”

Kudos for picking up some scented candles at the mall so that you can get a few of ’em going in a bit, though. Let’s all feel good tonight, and make this a distant memory with our big-screen TVs, surround sound systems and beer fridges in full effect for the playoffs four nights a week from now to June.

Except for Leafs fans, that is.

One response to “hold up”

  1. S says:

    We should look into which produces more greenhouse gas in an hour: a CFL bulb on or a candle…
    That would be a good press release