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i think the dust has settled on me

Summer colds are not awesome. I think the head goo has finally broken up to the point where I can walk around without being concerned about passing germs on to the next guy. Good thing, too. I’ve been social. Seen in public. Weird!

Most notable would be having borne witness to performances by Sarah Harmer and the White Stripes at Bluesfest this past weekend. Sarah’s set was fine, but it was a shame she was opening for whoever – she’s pretty much past that now, I think. A performer should not be rushed off stage while thousands of people are cheering her on.

The White Stripes were awesome. Very worth the wait of a few hours, standing around in a sweaty crowd, annoying me with its smoking and talking on cellphones and what have you.

One of these days I’m going to end up getting punched in the head for being obstinate in these situations – no, you cannot slip in front of me for any reason. Yes, I will drop you if you try to crowd surf over me, and I’ll probably try to throw a knee in your general direction while you fall. I got a muddy crowdsurfing boot upside the face during an outdoor set by Hole many years ago, and I promised myself then that that would be the last time. So far, so good.

Miss Vicky, who is on a wicked string of right-on-ness right now, sums things up nicely. This would also be a good time to refer my readers to Zoom, who has linked to the mighty A1 forever and I’ve been terribly rude not to acknowledge. She’s doing the Bluesfest thing too, and using up an awful lot of textspace on the P-Mate.

Which might be useful to some of you. Not this guy. Ask your girlfriends, see if they know.

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