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just drag me home

I was born in Belleville, Ontario, and called that city home for most of my childhood, save for a few years spent in small-town Quebec, and prior to the wasted youth that was (and is) having to endure a teenaged existence in Brantford Buttford.

I like Belleville. It still feels sort of like home to me, on my very, very occasional visits.

We dropped in two summers ago for the Big Music Fest, whose triple bill seemed too good to be true (Sarah Harmer! Sam Roberts Band! The Tragically Hip!). Prior to that, my last pilgrimage took place in 2001, when I took my birthday off work, jumped on an early morning train, and walked around the city, checking out old haunts and soaking in the nostalgia. Returned home to Kingston that evening to nine voicemails, and assumed that all would be related to the joyous celebration that comes with every anniversary of my birth, but instead found that more than half were from distressed colleagues, who had arrived to the office that day to find it locked, closed. The marketing firm I’d been working for had been bought out, all twenty or so of us made unemployed that day, and I’d missed all the action.

Still got drunk with a handful of ’em that night. Good times!

Today, I am riding the train once more, provoked this time by the very strange event that will be Slash, live in downtown Belleville. Why would this legendary guitarist, appearing at festivals for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, play a set for 3800 a stone’s throw from the Bay of Quinte on a Saturday night?

I don’t know. And I don’t care. The facts are that Slash will be there, and Jody and I will be, too. VIP section, kids – for real.

Recent setlists from the tour indicate a healthy mix of songs from his Guns N’ Roses days, a few Velvet Revolver and Slash’s Snakepit cuts, and two or three from his solo record released this year. First single By The Sword is pretty awesome, but the video for Back From Cali is most reminiscent of the GN’R glory days, similar to the living-the-lifestyle videos that helped to promote the dream way back when – Paradise City, Live and Let Die, Dead Horse.

Everyone needs a little butt rock once in a while. Stoked.

2 responses to “just drag me home”

  1. Roshan says:

    I really like the first single By the Sword and will get the album. I still think that GnR is GNR in name only as it takes Slash & Axl to achieve the heights that only old GnR had. GnR is acually the Axl Rose Band. Also, even though I think that Slash isn’t that great of a guitarist, he still gives us some great tunes. Enjoy the concert!

  2. Capital Junk says:

    Wow- sounds like a lot of fun! Glad to hear that such big names will be playing at smaller venues- great opportunity for local business to draw in more customers! Enjoy the concert!