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listen to your bob fm

It can’t be any coincidence that, after commenting on a terrible musical phenomenon from my youth, I would hear songs by frigging Roxette not once, but twice this weekend so far.

Randy Wolfe, a friend from Belleville in grade seven (and kindergarden, actually… things have a way of coming around for me again and again, for better or for worse) was the one guy I knew who liked Roxette. He once claimed ‘The Look’ as his favorite song.

At the time, I’d just emigrated from small-town Quebec, where I guess we didn’t get new pop music, or something (another friend, Jon Vine, was all about the Brighton Rock at the time, if you can believe that… kids are retarded) and had never heard of Roxette. So, you know, having met this cool guy Randy, who was saying Roxette was the thing, well, I figured he must be right. Copied a tape he had, listened to it, and, well…

I liked to make a lot of mix tapes back then. So that blank tape wasn’t totally lost – it was most certainly re-dubbed a hundred times with songs from Permanent Vacation or something.

Anyway, really all I’m trying to say here is that I once knew Randy Wolfe and Jon Vine, and it’d be cool if they were out there Googling themselves one day and found me and decided to say hi. Man, what a trip that’d be.

One response to “listen to your bob fm”

  1. Stuart says:

    I have to say that Suzy and I enjoyed Bob FM’s “We know what you heard that summer” retro show yesterday on the way home from the lake. The year being profiled was 1984. And here’s a real confession: I caught myself singing along with The Reflex by Duran Duran. Suzy and I both agreed, however, that Annie Lennox has done much better stuff than Here comes the rain again …