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may provide some relief from diplopia

They say there’s a first time for everything. I’ve never linked to the Handbook of Ocular Disease Management before. Thrills daily at A1 Great dotcom!

I have a long history of weird eyesight, accompanied by visits to eye ‘doctors’ of varying quality and room size. I’ve been prescribed glasses twice, but never really stuck with them, because it never seemed like eyewear was doing anything for me. I kind of suspected these guys operating out of the back of some eyeglass store weren’t exactly expert, so whatever.

But my family doctor referred me to an opthamologist, you know, a real eye doctor. Guy took two minutes to ask me if I’d ever heard of Brown’s Syndrome. Turns out I have a syndrome! And it’s even pretty rare. Finally, something with which to stand out from the crowd!

The muscles surrounding my right eye don’t work quite right. It’s nothing. Glasses don’t fix it. You don’t really even need to do anything about Brown’s – it just is.

But don’t go telling everybody that, OK – I have a Syndrome™. I think it’s only appropriate I try to milk it for all it’s worth.

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