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orange days

So the thing is that my old friend Kyle, who I spent some time with slugging it out in the trenches of the “online marketing” thing we used to do when we were so young and eager to please, Kyle got in touch with me last weekend to let me know that he couldn’t subscribe to my RSS feed. There’s a line of code in the header area of the mighty A1 Great that is supposed to handle this kind of thing, but, no dice, I guess.

This has led to the addition of the handy little orange RSS icon on your right, in the sidebar there, towards the bottom. You could click it and add the resulting URL to your feed reader, if you have one. Convenient, amirite?

Anyway, Kyle told me that of course he was going to add a link to this website from his, which is called Payment Networks and is all about how he’s figuring out a way to skim 0.01 cent off of every financial transaction that occurs electronically worldwide so as to bankroll our eventual move to Prince Edward Island to establish that province as a new off-shore banking haven for the unscrupulous and diseased. It’s nice to be working together again!

Thumbnail of an old layout for this very websiteThen, while browsing Kyle’s website, I rolled over my link to check that it works and stuff, because why let a good link to go waste because of a mis-placed quote mark or something, right? Yeah. So I did that, and got a little mouseover effect that popped up a thumbnail of my site, which happened to be old – like, at least two years old, now! Remember this layout?

I had totally forgotten about it. Completely. I was kind of into Photoshop brushes when I made that.

Anyway, that’s two orange things about today, Tuesday the twelfth. Let’s have one more!

Listen: R.E.M., “Orange Crush (Live)”

I love me a good live b-side.

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