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player images in pokerstars

I know better than to spend real money on casino games online. I have all kinds of inside stories of pitboss corruption to regale you with, should you ever be so tempted as to throw a few bucks from your credit card onto the virtual roulette wheel.

But I do enjoy a virtual hand of texas hold’em poker from time to time, and I’ve found the free software from PokerStars.net to be pretty good. That said, it always bugged me that I couldn’t figure out how to change my player icon image, whose option was always greyed out in the menu.

A fix for this is nowhere to be found online. Until today! Thank you, Mister A1Great.com!

It turns out that you have to be using their ‘real’ poker software, which allows you to play for cash if you were so inclined. This is found on the dotcom version of the site. Once downloaded, the Select/Change Image option is no longer blocked, and you’re free to create an avatar and off you go. And yes, you can still play on the free tables, even in the paid PokerStars game.

Now we’ll just wait for the gambling-related comment spam to start hitting this site. Shouldn’t take long at all.

One response to “player images in pokerstars”

  1. smirkis says:

    THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!

    that took me forever to figure out darnit! haha