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psychic permafrost

The thing about hanging around with two-year-olds is that they bring every damn viral illness home with them from wherever it is that they spend their time. And so it goes around our place, as we are now finally shaking off the last vestiges of the latest bad cold to go to town on our mucous membranes. It was about a week and a half of coughing, and sneezing, and fatigue, and all manner of unpleasantness, generally speaking.

So, having resumed something like a sleeping schedule, and with a little bit of energy in the reserves as a result, I’m back at work. Let’s do more links, because I haven’t cooked up anything with a point recently, and I’m nothing if not completely honest. Part garbage, indeed!

  • A visitor from out of town wanted to know where the good pubs were for watching sports in downtown Ottawa. I chipped in with the Highlander in the market and Atomic Rooster on Bank, though I don’t think either are really perfect for settling in in front of the TV. Not a lot of great pubs downtown, really. (I can’t include the Royal Oak as they apparantly no longer serve Moosehead, which is unacceptable for a Canadian establishment, according to me.)
  • This photo collage suggests that some sort of sporting event, with a kind of relay race leading up to it, is going on.
  • Also from Ask MeFi: Crazy person gets a little too OCD about a broken CFL bulb in a child’s bedroom. Fortunately, the responses to this “omg what do I do?!@#?@#” are measured and intelligent, which is more than you can say for most other discussions around this topic.

Speaking of CFL bulbs, my homiez over at One Change are giving away an official, signed, Martin Brodeur jersey. Head on over to their website to enter the sweepstakes. Note, however, that it’s not something as cool as his official Canadian Olympics jersey… no, just his usual Devils gear, which you wouldn’t actually wear, because anything to do with New Jersey is shameful and you wouldn’t want to associate yourself with that. Suitable for wrapping your dead pets for burial or something, though, right? Maybe stuffing into a hole in your wall to keep the cold air out? Lining your new green bin? One of those.

One response to “psychic permafrost”

  1. kcsoup says:

    Maybe the jersey could be used as a windsock in hell if USA wins the hockey gold.