A1 Great! Part lies, part heart, part truth, part garbage.

saddle: back in it

Been using my fingers here at home, keeping myself warm at the ol’ Comfort Curve keyboard, as a change in vocational plans have meant that I’m not riding the #1 to and from the office any longer. Freelancing! Contracted services! Dicking around with WordPress templates!

Yes, I am perhaps best described as semi-employed going into the year 2010. Though I wish my work as an Unregistered Nurse was going to lead to big bucks, all it really does is keep the people at Jack Daniels in coin (to mention nothing of the local pharmacy). Speaking of Jack, I signed up as a ‘friend’ on the website today. Check this questionnaire – those people really want to know me well, I guess:


Maybe I am too honest.

Anyway, given that I’ll be working on my computer instead of everyone else’s for the time being, I thought it best to crank up the ol’ A1 Great and give myself an outlet for a few sentences every now and again. Of course, like everyone else, Twitter is where I’m at these days, but I have helpfully fed my five most recent dashes of small-budget brilliance into the top of this page. Not sure if that’s where it’ll stay – my peers on the internets seem to prefer the sidebar, which I’ll admit might make more sense – I guess we’ll see.

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