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2009-12-25: this week’s twat(s) for you

  • Excellent workout this afternoon. What to do tonight? #
  • Observing my American twatters react to the snowstorm that’s apparently going on down there. Who wants to borrow my well-worn shovel? #
  • The unlimited canvas that the internet provides for ‘art’ isn’t always to the artist’s best advantage. Take a look around! #
  • Hydro Ottawa PeakSaver website (for controlling your home thermostat remotely) has been down for more than a week. Why? http://bit.ly/6YDxff #
  • Just discovered that my Blurtonia discs were not part of my MP3 collection, apparantly forever. Now listening to… Blurtonia! #
  • Rogers internet has been down since mid-morning where I am. Anyone else with the same problem? #
  • December 24 is not the day to learn how to use the self-checkout line, woman. #
  • Pretty quiet out there in my own personal twatterverse. Hope anyone picking up signal today is having a merry one #

2009-12-18: this week’s twat(s) for you

  • Kind of wanted to see it, but thought that would be my reaction too RT @offhandremarks: Yep, that was the torch all right. #
  • Don’t know what I’d do without Google Documents, I tell you what. #
  • Twatting old news… “The Sorry State of WYSIWYG Web Editors” http://bit.ly/6VI7bO #
  • Was surprised to hear my sysadmin replacement suggest WYSIWYG to the web guy last week. Thought all smart people rejected WYSuck out of hand #
  • TELUS thanks me for being a client with a flyer for a contest to win a nice new phone. Is the link to the contest broken? Of course it is. #
  • Should probably start my Christmas shopping soon, eh? #
  • I cannot grasp why anyone would ‘share’ an e-mail address with anyone else. #
  • As if setting position: fixed on that DIV is going to take care of this problem I’ve been stuck with for days. AS IF #
  • Visually impaired man, on the bus, windshield wipers in his shopping bag. Where else but #octranspo #
  • Re-introducing myself to an old client’s terrible website. Had forgotten how bad Dreamweaver was… is? Let’s align every <P> tag, everyone! #

2009-12-11: this week’s twat(s) for you

  • A cold day in the sun. #
  • Searched for “brant food centre” and came up with “supreme chili fries”. And that’s Brantford, in a nutshell. #
  • Very, very rusty at the old web-makin’. CSS and I are going to be best friends again soon enough, tho #
  • Back from CHEO and Roger’s House with many new meds to administer. Wonder if they can all fit in one tweet. Shall we find out? #
  • Keflex. Domperidone (w/ Lactaid, yes). Keppra, Sabril. Baclofen. Prevacid before meals. Rivotril at bedtime. Nailed it! #
  • Wheelchair + winter = bad #
  • Foolishly agreed to meet with dietitian this afternoon at school. Lying around on the couch would have been a better plan. #
  • Obsessive-compulsive behavior as indicator of mental illness http://tweetphoto.com/6177627 #
  • Just got phone spammed by striking Museum workers. Ways not to gain support for your cause, example one #
  • PUMPT for Ian Blurton + Huron = “Happy Endings” at Babylon Nightclub… tonight! #
  • Good luck! RT @Letstalkbabies: Trying to convince my friend @a1great to travel to our home town over the holidays so we can hang. #
  • When did it become OK for men to use lip balm in public? #

2009-12-04: this week’s twat(s) for you

  • #CHEO, fifth floor, post-surgery this time around. Less contagion, more fluid, basically. #
  • And more babies. NICI is one thing, but little ones having to undergo surgery seems like a particularly cruel joke #
  • “Suction” is gross. #
  • Top 3 weekly #lastfm artists: R.E.M. – 58. C’mon – 44. The Tragically Hip – 20. http://bit.ly/12zJDt #
  • Kind of hate the parents of the other boy in our room. Don’t ditch yr kid overnight then get bitchy when he can’t answer 100 q’s in the AM #
  • Nap time = nice time #
  • Anyone else witnessing the thousands of crows on a flight path over Ottawa at the moment? #
  • Yes, it is shift change, btw. That’s how come I’m aware of the outside world and stuff #
  • Chance encounter reminds me of my people http://tweetphoto.com/5611627 #
  • Windows Mobile everything is totally without grace. Help me, interface! #
  • Cleaning up my LinkedIn profile. Do I know you? #in #
  • Can’t believe Max Keeping was allowed to stay on the CTV 6 o’clock news this long. His bumbling delivery has been painful to watch for years #

2009-11-27: this week’s twat(s) for you

  • Going to eat lunch at the Zellers restaurant. #hanginwithelderlyrelatives #
  • Top 3 weekly #lastfm artists: R.E.M. – 80. Radiohead – 24. Alice in Chains – 24. http://bit.ly/12zJDt #
  • My ability to recollect old URLs and bits of online-y information surprises me sometimes. These were cool in, what, 2005? http://bit.ly/URuu #
  • If you can’t do what’s right, might as well do what’s left… #
  • is taking steps to ensure his obsolescence, but seems to be becoming more vital instead. Doh! #
  • Three days left at the office job. Login server downtime was not really what I needed to wrap things up around here #
  • Two days of work left. Next: a week or so at CHEO, then it’s glorious, choose-your-own contracting. Life’s FFWD feature would be welcome now #
  • Wishing Ian Blurton was taking his “Happy Endings” tour through Ottawa… can’t get my hands on the disc OR get to a show. Dommage! #
  • Standing in Walmart, observing a Muslim family considering Christmas decorations. I feel like I might be on Candid Camera #