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very brantford

Is Lloyd Banks even a draw at this point? From exclaim.ca:

“On Friday (January 8), G-Unit tough guy Lloyd Banks was scheduled to perform at Brantford, ON’s Club N.V. However, like so many of these dubious celebrity club appearances, things got ugly when the New York rapper showed up hours late, performed one song and left.”

I lol’d. Very Brantford.

your beat is nice

You know what’s not supposed to be all that difficult? Recommending music to friends. Particularly if you have an interest in music, as astute observers of this netwebblogpage have no doubt, uh, observed.

But when my old pal Kirsi, who has recently established a new weblog after years of just lying around the house all day or whatever, told me that I needed to suggest some music for her to check out as part of her 101 Things, well. It’s like a gauntlet was thrown, and that fucking Gauntlet was heavy like the arcade machine that used to be at the shitty convenience store on the corner, next to the magazine shelves where you couldn’t help but glance the porno mags lining the top rack, because you’re a teenager and that’s what teenagers did back in the days of carrying quarters to play video games that weren’t in your living room and sneaking peeks at naked people on paper because they weren’t readily available like they are now, on basically any electronic device invented since the 1990s.

(That convenience store isn’t there any more, nor are the two houses that were right near it, or even the tiny street those houses shared addresses on. Whole thing was bulldozed for some reason, even though the shiny new Pioneer gas station was built and opened before the houses and street were removed, so it’s not like they were an obstacle to construction or something. See these houses? Gone. Thanks for coming out! Farewell!)

The main issue with this request is that Kirsi and I are of roughly the same age, have grown up in the same time and similar geographical area, and even lived together for a while. So there’s a lot of overlap when it comes to awareness of and taste for popular culture, and I can’t just throw out a few of my favorite albums and be done with it. Kirsi already knows Achtung Baby and Automatic For The People, and anything I might suggest by the Tragically Hip would have to be old news. She lives in Kingston, for christ sake!

So, it’s taken me like two weeks to figure out what to suggest.

Alice in Chains is a band I’ve written about before, and their catalog overall would probably be considered too dark and heavy for most. But the Jar of Flies EP, from which “No Excuses” was the lead (only?) single, was a signal that something else was going on here, and the musical talents of the group extended beyond the grunge/metal fusion recorded on previous albums Facelift and Dirt.

The Constantines are probably a dude band, and their recorded stuff is inconsistent at best, but having seen them live while opening for the Hip in Ottawa, I couldn’t help but get hooked on their 2005 record, Tournament of Hearts. It accompanies us whenever we put the family into the family van for a long drive, and might best be enjoyed while staring down dividing lines on a highway somewhere.

There’s no way Kirsi doesn’t know about Sam Roberts, but Collider, which is the new disc that was released a couple months ago, is particularly great. I have said before that the Sam Roberts Band has never put out a bad album, and I feel pretty confident in recommending any of his earlier work, but Collider is on high rotation around these parts at the moment, and perhaps best enjoyed while enjoying an altered state.

Kirsi is a responsible parent and probably isn’t in an altered state very often, but it’s nice to have something to look forward to when the time comes, isn’t it?

just drag me home

I was born in Belleville, Ontario, and called that city home for most of my childhood, save for a few years spent in small-town Quebec, and prior to the wasted youth that was (and is) having to endure a teenaged existence in Brantford Buttford.

I like Belleville. It still feels sort of like home to me, on my very, very occasional visits.

We dropped in two summers ago for the Big Music Fest, whose triple bill seemed too good to be true (Sarah Harmer! Sam Roberts Band! The Tragically Hip!). Prior to that, my last pilgrimage took place in 2001, when I took my birthday off work, jumped on an early morning train, and walked around the city, checking out old haunts and soaking in the nostalgia. Returned home to Kingston that evening to nine voicemails, and assumed that all would be related to the joyous celebration that comes with every anniversary of my birth, but instead found that more than half were from distressed colleagues, who had arrived to the office that day to find it locked, closed. The marketing firm I’d been working for had been bought out, all twenty or so of us made unemployed that day, and I’d missed all the action.

Still got drunk with a handful of ’em that night. Good times!

Today, I am riding the train once more, provoked this time by the very strange event that will be Slash, live in downtown Belleville. Why would this legendary guitarist, appearing at festivals for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, play a set for 3800 a stone’s throw from the Bay of Quinte on a Saturday night?

I don’t know. And I don’t care. The facts are that Slash will be there, and Jody and I will be, too. VIP section, kids – for real.

Recent setlists from the tour indicate a healthy mix of songs from his Guns N’ Roses days, a few Velvet Revolver and Slash’s Snakepit cuts, and two or three from his solo record released this year. First single By The Sword is pretty awesome, but the video for Back From Cali is most reminiscent of the GN’R glory days, similar to the living-the-lifestyle videos that helped to promote the dream way back when – Paradise City, Live and Let Die, Dead Horse.

Everyone needs a little butt rock once in a while. Stoked.

arnold anderson can eat it

Baseball returns to Ottawa. Our new team will compete in the Intercounty Baseball League, and you’d better believe I’m going to go to the first game against the Brantford Red Sox and boo the shit out of the visitors. Who’s with me?

2009-12-11: this week’s twat(s) for you

  • A cold day in the sun. #
  • Searched for “brant food centre” and came up with “supreme chili fries”. And that’s Brantford, in a nutshell. #
  • Very, very rusty at the old web-makin’. CSS and I are going to be best friends again soon enough, tho #
  • Back from CHEO and Roger’s House with many new meds to administer. Wonder if they can all fit in one tweet. Shall we find out? #
  • Keflex. Domperidone (w/ Lactaid, yes). Keppra, Sabril. Baclofen. Prevacid before meals. Rivotril at bedtime. Nailed it! #
  • Wheelchair + winter = bad #
  • Foolishly agreed to meet with dietitian this afternoon at school. Lying around on the couch would have been a better plan. #
  • Obsessive-compulsive behavior as indicator of mental illness http://tweetphoto.com/6177627 #
  • Just got phone spammed by striking Museum workers. Ways not to gain support for your cause, example one #
  • PUMPT for Ian Blurton + Huron = “Happy Endings” at Babylon Nightclub… tonight! #
  • Good luck! RT @Letstalkbabies: Trying to convince my friend @a1great to travel to our home town over the holidays so we can hang. #
  • When did it become OK for men to use lip balm in public? #