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orange days

So the thing is that my old friend Kyle, who I spent some time with slugging it out in the trenches of the “online marketing” thing we used to do when we were so young and eager to please, Kyle got in touch with me last weekend to let me know that he couldn’t subscribe to my RSS feed. There’s a line of code in the header area of the mighty A1 Great that is supposed to handle this kind of thing, but, no dice, I guess.

This has led to the addition of the handy little orange RSS icon on your right, in the sidebar there, towards the bottom. You could click it and add the resulting URL to your feed reader, if you have one. Convenient, amirite?

Anyway, Kyle told me that of course he was going to add a link to this website from his, which is called Payment Networks and is all about how he’s figuring out a way to skim 0.01 cent off of every financial transaction that occurs electronically worldwide so as to bankroll our eventual move to Prince Edward Island to establish that province as a new off-shore banking haven for the unscrupulous and diseased. It’s nice to be working together again!

Thumbnail of an old layout for this very websiteThen, while browsing Kyle’s website, I rolled over my link to check that it works and stuff, because why let a good link to go waste because of a mis-placed quote mark or something, right? Yeah. So I did that, and got a little mouseover effect that popped up a thumbnail of my site, which happened to be old – like, at least two years old, now! Remember this layout?

I had totally forgotten about it. Completely. I was kind of into Photoshop brushes when I made that.

Anyway, that’s two orange things about today, Tuesday the twelfth. Let’s have one more!

Listen: R.E.M., “Orange Crush (Live)”

I love me a good live b-side.

may provide some relief from diplopia

They say there’s a first time for everything. I’ve never linked to the Handbook of Ocular Disease Management before. Thrills daily at A1 Great dotcom!

I have a long history of weird eyesight, accompanied by visits to eye ‘doctors’ of varying quality and room size. I’ve been prescribed glasses twice, but never really stuck with them, because it never seemed like eyewear was doing anything for me. I kind of suspected these guys operating out of the back of some eyeglass store weren’t exactly expert, so whatever.

But my family doctor referred me to an opthamologist, you know, a real eye doctor. Guy took two minutes to ask me if I’d ever heard of Brown’s Syndrome. Turns out I have a syndrome! And it’s even pretty rare. Finally, something with which to stand out from the crowd!

The muscles surrounding my right eye don’t work quite right. It’s nothing. Glasses don’t fix it. You don’t really even need to do anything about Brown’s – it just is.

But don’t go telling everybody that, OK – I have a Syndrome™. I think it’s only appropriate I try to milk it for all it’s worth.

nearly as bad as leaving vowels out of your domain name

Ten Grammar Mistakes that Make You Look Stupid. The one that drives me crazy (but was left off of this list) is the use of ‘weary’ in the place of ‘wary’. Weary means tired, people. Wary means careful (sort of).

Not that the fine readers of the mighty A1Great dotcom would make such a mistake. An esteemed lot.

windows xp on your hp laptop

So let’s say you’ve purchased an HP DV6307 laptop, which comes with Windows Vista pre-installed. And you’ve heard that Vista was maybe not so good, but you want to give it a try anyway, because new technology is supposed to be exciting and fun and stuff.

And now that you’ve had the laptop for a week, you know that Vista is the suck, and you’ve gotta get that shit off your machine before it drives you crazy.

Of course, the logical thing to do is to format, install the superior Windows XP, and off you go. But wait – the laptop doesn’t work so well once you’ve done this. Drivers are few and far between… hell, even the touchpad won’t work without extra software. So you visit the HP driver download page for the DV6307 (on another computer, of course – your laptop doesn’t do internet yet) and grab the webcam, touchpad and quicklaunch software. You also snoop around the HP support forums for ethernet and wireless drivers, while taking note of the dozens of threads from people about how they too are going back to XP. United in a common cause, you feel emboldened, ready to make your new laptop work.

But finding a sound card driver is turning out to be tricky. Fortunately, you read the mighty A1 Great dotcom website, which is awesome in every way, and so you are guided to Universal Audio Architecture and audio drivers, which must be installed one after the other and with a reboot in between, and ta da! Sound, for all your rockin’ tunes.

You’re welcome.

player images in pokerstars

I know better than to spend real money on casino games online. I have all kinds of inside stories of pitboss corruption to regale you with, should you ever be so tempted as to throw a few bucks from your credit card onto the virtual roulette wheel.

But I do enjoy a virtual hand of texas hold’em poker from time to time, and I’ve found the free software from PokerStars.net to be pretty good. That said, it always bugged me that I couldn’t figure out how to change my player icon image, whose option was always greyed out in the menu.

A fix for this is nowhere to be found online. Until today! Thank you, Mister A1Great.com!

It turns out that you have to be using their ‘real’ poker software, which allows you to play for cash if you were so inclined. This is found on the dotcom version of the site. Once downloaded, the Select/Change Image option is no longer blocked, and you’re free to create an avatar and off you go. And yes, you can still play on the free tables, even in the paid PokerStars game.

Now we’ll just wait for the gambling-related comment spam to start hitting this site. Shouldn’t take long at all.