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We’re all about the calendar these days – seems like every corner of the grid, every weekend and holiday is getting pencilled in with whatever. Appointments, visits, days blocked off just in case. This summer is going to disappear before I know it.

A detour to Walden Cabin would be my preferred method of slowing the clock a bit. A vacation property that is at its best as a relaxation destination, its secluded locale makes it just about perfect for either quiet contemplation or a really, really awesome time with someone you like. As long as you don’t mind sharing the loft bed with them. (And the skylight just above it. I’ve never seen the stars like I’ve seen them at Walden.)

Sometimes I miss being in PEI, wandering around Charlottetown (an incredible capital city, reminiscent to me of Kingston, Ontario in its university-town vibe, complete with thriving downtown businesses and a beautiful waterfront), only twenty minutes from Walden. Most everything is only a short drive away on the island, and yet so many of those rural highways connecting here to there seem wonderfully isolated, private and peaceful.

One day I will plunk down somewhere out there and absorb a little bit of that isolation for myself.

Of course, I have a great thing going here in Ottawa, so I won’t be re-locating the family out east anytime soon. Walden and its island surroundings will remain an elusive and much desired destination for now.

I understand that there are a few weeks available at the cabin this summer – shoot Stuart and Suzy an e-mail through the site and tell ’em I sent you. And make sure to pop into Charlottetown for some Cedar’s lebanese while you’re out that way – man, I could get very large eating there on a regular basis. I’m hungry just thinking about it.

honkin’ on hyperlinks

Suzy, whose website has gone password-protected despite a serious lack of controversial and/or tittilating content contained therein (sideboob!), sends the list of 16 Things it Takes Most Of Us 50 Years to Learn. I will personally never observe rule #5, because my birthday is a time of great celebration for everyone who’s invited over to my backyard. And #4 doesn’t apply, because I still don’t have a driver’s license, won’t until I’m 30 at least, and I expect to be a horrible hazard to the public when I do finally get behind the wheel. It’s not going to be good.

Speaking of birthdays, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith turns 59 today. Here’s an awesome MeFi post on the matter.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Hip covered Train Kept A’ Rollin’ earlier this month in Denver. Here’s the MP3ITEOTWAWKI(AIFF), from Atlanta, too. A reasonable attempt, fine for a live setting. And much better than the excrable Great Big Sea version that was on the radio a few years ago. Fuck Great Big Sea.

call it serendipity

Sometimes us Porchlight higher-ups get tired of meeting so many famous people. Heads of huge incorporations, powerful politicians, rock stars with groupies and pharmaceuticals to spare. Who has the time?

Yesterday, we found a way to squeeze the Barenaked Ladies into our schedule.

Ed RobertsonJim CreeganSteve PageKevin HearnTyler Stewart

This one just kind of fell into place, with no egging-on by myself required. Kudos to Suzy for making the meetup happen while she’s way up in the Yukon, riding dogs to work or whatever it is they do up there.

Barenaked Ladies on stage

Most of my peers have seen BNL live before, so I was finally catching up with everybody in that respect. It was an excellent gig, with lots of tunes off of their latest record (or records, depending on how you view the Are Me/Are Men package). And the band were in fine improvisational form, riffing on politics and the Rideau Canal with ease. You know, just in case anyone forgot we were in Ottawa.

Barenaked Ladies on stage

Christina Aguilera is in town soon. Stuart and I think we can probably miss that one.

back to reality

picture of Walden Cabin drivewayAirport ‘security’ nonsense aside, it was a great trip out east. (Or is it down east?)

We can get into all the details of the vacation another time, but for now, suffice to say that we had a very relaxing week. Calm for the most part, with the occasional wrong turn on the back roads of PEI to keep things interesting, and lots of reckless nudity. Makes me want my own secluded hideaway somewhere, the island being as good a place as anywhere.

I was a bit sad to take the long drive over the bridge, but was happy to arrive back home. Selected photos are available for your perusal.

Many thanks to Julie & Jody for stopping in to say a few words on my behalf here at A1, and of course to Stuart & Suzy for sharing their secret hideaway with us.

the police and the private

After a successful working day yesterday down at your local TELUS Mobility store, and I’m not using ‘successful’ in a sarcastic way or anything, because it really was a good commissioned effort by yours truly, but I’m going to quit that job soon anyway, maybe I’ll tell you about it later, the wife and I met up with Stuart and Suzy (and eventually Suzy’s sister too) for dinner.

The dining mood of the day swung wildly, first towards a desire for the meaty meatness of the Keg, but then way, way off in the other direction towards the Cam Kong restaurant, a hole in the wall down Somerset way. It was a good meal, with lots of food for not much money. Oh, and every comment on that review site regarding the wait staff is correct – not exactly attentive people, or polite, and we were invited to leave when the eating was finished because ‘the next reservation was in five minutes’.

Undaunted, we were off to Pub Italia and a seat in the Abbey, for more mirth and good times. We were able to move effortlessly from downtown to Chinatown to Italytown because we’re now hanging around with people who drive, a novel skill whose application is pretty useful for that sort of neighborhood-hopping.

The adults eventually had to go pick up their kids, so the two of us ended up at the Royal Oak for another drink and to catch the end of a couple hockey games. And then we got on the bus to go home, which was presently pulled over by the cops. A kid (and I mean a kid, like an 11 year old or something) stood up and rushed to the door of the bus, and we thought maybe we were going to see some juvenile detention going down, but it turned out that the police were actually after the driver of the bus, who was accused of hitting someone’s car earlier in the evening.

Wild and crazy stuff.

So we walked halfway home and caught up with another bus a little later on. And that was the most eventful Saturday we’ve had in months and months.