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some freebies

It is in the interest of the public good that I pass on three free things I noticed today, two of which I am taking advantage of myself.

  • Coldplay recorded nine songs during their last tour and bundled ’em as a digital EP of sorts. Download it here, no charge.
  • The National Post is offering sixty days of free delivery in exchange for your not at all bogus or made up answers to their survey. Nothing fixes a bankruptcy problem like giving away your product in exchange for dubious market research results!
  • And lastly (and mostly), the Demonoid torrent tracker is offering open registrations. This is usually a somewhat semi-public site that does not offer full functionality without being a member, and membership is usually invite-only, so this is A Good Thing™. Another free TV source for me, thank you very much.

All are probably available for a limited time only, subject to terms and conditions, please see back of package for more details, your mileage may vary, IANAL, tl;dr, please and thank you.

2 responses to “some freebies”

  1. kcsoup says:

    I signed up for the Post. Sure, they’ll haunt me with telemarketer calls for the next year… but I’m thinking its a small price to pay! Thanks for the freebie pointers :)

  2. Dan says:

    And they probably won’t even be in business for the full year, so their calls will dry up pretty quickly.