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synapses flashing slow

I’ve been working outside a lot recently. Not, you know, hands in the dirt or whatever – I mean sitting outside with my laptop, enjoying the modern technology and climate change that human progress has blessed us with in the year 2010. It’s a wonderful way to put in billable hours, and I highly recommend it.

Unfortunately, today started out gray, and now the neighbors have worker dudes out replacing the siding on their house. Noisy, and not just from the hammering – they’re not exactly intelligent men, and every snippet of conversation I overhear has me shaking my head. Though we all share a physical characteristic as we go about our day – about three pounds of brain matter – well, it’s pretty astounding how much variation there is in how each of us goes about putting that common piece of machinery to use.

I guess that could be said of a lot of different situations, regardless of whether sweaty working-class chain-smoking ladder climbers are involved. Like: you hired who? You’re moving where? Just two real-life scenarios.

  • This thread on Ask Metafilter about so-called OEM software for sale yields a new line item for Dan’s Rules For The Internet: “Never buy things from a website featuring a generic smiling person wearing a headseat.” Words to live by.
  • More common sense over at West Side Action: “cyclists want to go to the same places as motorists — the main street,” and… well, I’m not gonna cut and paste, it’s all good. Hit the last two bullet points under the key observations for the truth that seems so hard for the vehicle-obsessed to see in their rear-view mirrors.
  • From Boing Boing: “Medical advice for head-bangers.” When I go out, I just nod to the music. Range of motion ain’t what it used to be.
  • It’s my birthday next week, by the way. I am well past 12,000 days old. Feeling it.
  • I hate Santana, but if Chris Cornell is going to take on an old Led Zeppelin tune on his next record, it might make the guitarist’s incessant noodling tolerable. Maybe. Santana sucks a lot, though.

And yes, I did change my stylesheet around a bit today. Thanks for noticing!

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