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thankful heart

We’re hosting the usual family-members-in-the-millions get together at my place this year, but not ’til boxing day, so that’s kind of taken the edge off of Christmas eve, I think. There won’t be the big turkey dinner tomorrow, only our little household hanging around in the living room. (There will be presents. Don’t worry about that.)

But, you know, we’ve been listening to the Christmas tunes here and there, watched the Muppets Christmas Carol, nibbled away at good food all day long. It’s Christmastime.

I think that 2007 was a good year. We bought the house we’re going to live in for years and years, and it fits the desired description is most every way, in the city where we want to be. Had some fine barbequing days this summer. We’ll have more a couple seasons from now.

Two longtime friends had healthy babies this year. Oh, and us too! Can’t forget that. And most everybody else I know seems to be getting along pretty well. Full tummies, warm places to call home, and so on.

Still working for the ‘lightbulb thing’, as it is referred to by most people I know, for now. I am fortunate to be involved in a movement I believe in and with people I respect and admire.

Glasses will be raised multiple times for multiple days, so hey – a toast to you. A toast to me. A toast to the mighty A1 Great. It’s totally awesome.

2 responses to “thankful heart”

  1. Roshan says:

    A toast to you (but all I drank was coffee & a sprite) buddy. Merry Christmas to u and your family.

  2. S says:

    Dude, holiday’s over. Get writing