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the luxury

The tempation of rampant consumerism enabled by boxing week has been impossible to avoid. I’ve been out shopping, fleshing out the received gifts list, and it’s going well – clothes, video games, the Sarah Harmer DVD I’d forgotten about and somehow stumbled across in Brantford’s HMV (of all the goddamn places), music. There’s one more return I have to do, and then that’s probably it.

Except for a sound card, that is. The wife very thoughtfully gave me a fine set of computer speakers, the Logitech X-540, and of course now I need to upgrade to a 5.1 card to get the full effect. (It’s neat how the word ‘need’ can be used in very different ways depending on the situation.)

The holidays have been fine so far, and tonight’s new year’s celebrations seem promising at this early juncture.

I’ve been kicking around a short resolution list for 2007, which is an exercise that I’m not usually into. I think it’s the fact that yours truly turns 30 this year, jesus h. I feel like I have to do certain things in the next six months, before any residual claims to youth must slip free of the fingers typing these words. Nobody’s young at thirty.

The resolutions aren’t too heavy, fortunately.

  • More out of necessity than desire, I’m learning to drive this year. I’ll put out a general alert to the public once this really gets underway, so that you’ll have opportunity to stay off the roads, sidewalks, bike paths, parking lots, the Transitway, green spaces, and so on.
  • I’ve always wanted a tattoo, and my brother beat me to it this year, so it’s time to follow suit. My sister is similarly experienced when it comes to ink, and is threatening to go get more in about two weeks. So this one might happen sooner rather than later.
  • Ice skates. It’s a promise I made and have yet to fulfill.

There’s a couple others, family commitment and personal improvement stuff nobody wants to know about. My resolution cup runneth over. How about yours? (This verbage is probably not correct. Never stopped me before.)

(Or is it verbiage?)

3 responses to “the luxury”

  1. pat says:

    i was almost 20 before i learned to drive. it was mostly laziness that kept me from doing it earlier. is it possible that you are even lazier than i?

    a tattoo? those are fun. they bleed, they hurt and they cost a lot. the upside, however, is that if you make a bad design choice you only have to live with it for the rest of your life. sweet!

    and the cursed ice skates. we now have four pairs in our house and we have yet to step foot on any frozen water. i think another winter may come and go before any of us put them on. sigh…

    have a good remaining 2006 and a healthy, happy 2007.

  2. Dan says:

    There was no car at hand when I turned 16, so a lot of the impetus to get a licence at that time was lost. Then all my friends got cars themselves, and I became a ride mooch. It was a good arrangement (for me).

    The end is near, however. My sister bought a car yesterday – this is the year of owning vehicles in my family, I think.

  3. Jody says:

    I resolve to get the hell out of this stink-ass town.

    Also, I have 3 days left on my Xbox Live subscription, so let’s hit up the MK:A, like s00nZ.