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the police and the private

After a successful working day yesterday down at your local TELUS Mobility store, and I’m not using ‘successful’ in a sarcastic way or anything, because it really was a good commissioned effort by yours truly, but I’m going to quit that job soon anyway, maybe I’ll tell you about it later, the wife and I met up with Stuart and Suzy (and eventually Suzy’s sister too) for dinner.

The dining mood of the day swung wildly, first towards a desire for the meaty meatness of the Keg, but then way, way off in the other direction towards the Cam Kong restaurant, a hole in the wall down Somerset way. It was a good meal, with lots of food for not much money. Oh, and every comment on that review site regarding the wait staff is correct – not exactly attentive people, or polite, and we were invited to leave when the eating was finished because ‘the next reservation was in five minutes’.

Undaunted, we were off to Pub Italia and a seat in the Abbey, for more mirth and good times. We were able to move effortlessly from downtown to Chinatown to Italytown because we’re now hanging around with people who drive, a novel skill whose application is pretty useful for that sort of neighborhood-hopping.

The adults eventually had to go pick up their kids, so the two of us ended up at the Royal Oak for another drink and to catch the end of a couple hockey games. And then we got on the bus to go home, which was presently pulled over by the cops. A kid (and I mean a kid, like an 11 year old or something) stood up and rushed to the door of the bus, and we thought maybe we were going to see some juvenile detention going down, but it turned out that the police were actually after the driver of the bus, who was accused of hitting someone’s car earlier in the evening.

Wild and crazy stuff.

So we walked halfway home and caught up with another bus a little later on. And that was the most eventful Saturday we’ve had in months and months.

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