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We’re all about the calendar these days – seems like every corner of the grid, every weekend and holiday is getting pencilled in with whatever. Appointments, visits, days blocked off just in case. This summer is going to disappear before I know it.

A detour to Walden Cabin would be my preferred method of slowing the clock a bit. A vacation property that is at its best as a relaxation destination, its secluded locale makes it just about perfect for either quiet contemplation or a really, really awesome time with someone you like. As long as you don’t mind sharing the loft bed with them. (And the skylight just above it. I’ve never seen the stars like I’ve seen them at Walden.)

Sometimes I miss being in PEI, wandering around Charlottetown (an incredible capital city, reminiscent to me of Kingston, Ontario in its university-town vibe, complete with thriving downtown businesses and a beautiful waterfront), only twenty minutes from Walden. Most everything is only a short drive away on the island, and yet so many of those rural highways connecting here to there seem wonderfully isolated, private and peaceful.

One day I will plunk down somewhere out there and absorb a little bit of that isolation for myself.

Of course, I have a great thing going here in Ottawa, so I won’t be re-locating the family out east anytime soon. Walden and its island surroundings will remain an elusive and much desired destination for now.

I understand that there are a few weeks available at the cabin this summer – shoot Stuart and Suzy an e-mail through the site and tell ’em I sent you. And make sure to pop into Charlottetown for some Cedar’s lebanese while you’re out that way – man, I could get very large eating there on a regular basis. I’m hungry just thinking about it.

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